Ypf Gang Indictment

A gang Indictment took place in Brooklyn this evening. Ypf gang was subject to a 118 count indictment. 17 alleged gang members were arrested on numerous charges. It was said that they were connected to 4 murders and wounding 10 others in the process. One of many arrested was a well-known artist named, Zah Brim. the age ranges were from 17-23 years of age. The defendants were charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted murder. According to the New York Post.

Kay Flock may not be the shooter !

A tip was received by Kay flocks attorney that he may not be the shooter. Scott Leemon Kay Flocks attorney has been doing some deep investigation on his behalf after learning he turned his self into the 30th precinct. Scott Leemon stated

As to the charges levied against him, we have begun out own investigation
into these allegations. More importantly, considering the DA’s significant disclosure this morning that the NYPD received a tip saying someone else is the shooter, we demanded the DA’s office provide prompt disclosure of the videos
referenced in the complaint and more information on the tip

We will address bail once we have had a chance to review the pertinent
discovery and to further investigate the DA’s noteworthy disclosure.”

Kay Flock is facing some pretty heavy charges. The cops are also claiming that he us apart of a Bronx Based gang called “Third side” which they think was gang related. More details will be released as information comes forward.

Kay flock Arrested for murder

It is now known that Kay flock was arrested and allegedly charged with murder. It was said Kevin Perez aka Kay Flock was walking pass a Harlem barber shop on Dec 16. Oscar Hernandez was waiting to get a cut when Perez opened the door and asked what he was looking at. Hernandez then stepped out side to confront him. As Perez walked away he let off a few shots hitting him in his neck and back. The incident took place on 151st and Amsterdam around 10:00am. Kay Flock was brought into custody Thursday and awaited arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Lawmakers want to delete NYC Gang Database

According to Daily News, Law makers want to delete the NYPD Gang database. Due to its target among blacks and non white Americans.

It was said that many NYPD feds target blacks as gang members. The gang Unit has doubled its size after the violence in NYC has skyrocketed. The NYPD gang database is a secret list that they admitted to having 99% blacks on that list. Council members have said that it hasn’t made the city any safer so they want it banned.

Inclusion in the database can mean intensive surveillance, police harassment, overcharging, increased bail, risk of deportation and prejudicial treatment in court. They want to ban the bill to give young people more opportunities instead of criminalizing them and focus on adding more to communities to stop the bloodshed. Click link above for more information.

Astro world deaths revealed !

According to XXL, the Astro world deaths have been revealed. Medical examiners revealed that they passed from compression asphyxia. Which basically means their lungs were crush from the crowd surge. One of the victims passed from cocaine, methamphetamine, and ethanol.

Breezy Blixky Shot in stomach !

According to multiple sources it is being said that Breezy Blixky was shot in his stomach. The incident happened yesterday afternoon but details are still scarce. He was in critical condition when brought to the hospital. None of his close friend has posted any updates or news articles at the moment. Will keep you updated as more information arises.

CoachdaGhost arrested for murder !

via Daily News

According to Daily News , Culture Bermudez aka CoachdaGhost was arrested for murder of a Brooklyn Teen. Coach was brought back from Clayton county in Georgia on Friday and charged with the murder.

Bryan Sanon (17) was murdered on March 13. When a sliver sedan pulled up around 10:00 am on E. 82nd st near Farragut Rd and opened fire. He was declared dead on the scene. Cops did a brief investigation on Coach which they claimed he already had fled the state to Georgia. Coach was on Parole from a 2011 shooting in Marcus Garvey until 2022 which he also served 6 years.

Bryan Sanon (17) via Daily News

Man steals School bus in Brooklyn !

A man steals a school bus in a Brooklyn and leads cops on a wild chase. On lookers caught the mayhem on camera. It was said at around 1:45pm a call came in that a school bus was stolen.

They found the school bus in the vicinity of Jackie Robinson Parkway . They tried to stop the bus and thats when the man inside began to resist. He fled and began striking multiple vehicles. Also hitting a building on East New York Ave. Anthony Reyes was apprehended and taken into custody. He faces a string of charges including grand larceny, reckless endangerment, forgery, unauthorized use of vehicle, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident with injury. According to NBC New york.