Baby Soulja Arrested on Homicide charges !

According to xxl & Wotc11 News Charles Doles (25) aka Baby Soulja was arrested for homicide. He was also on the phone from prison as well . He was arrested on September 18, 2019 by Lowndess county sheriffs office out in Georgia. He was charged with murder along with a second man named Adrian Dove(48).

Baby soulja on the phone from prison

Why was he charged with murder!

Baby Soulja and the other man was suspected of killing a guy named Dorian brooks who was 33. This happen on May 19 around 3 Am and they found dorian brooks with gunshot wounds on I-16 MLK Boulevard dead. Soulja had a warrant for murder while the other man was facing party to a crime. They are both held without bail and being extradited to chatham county detention center. There was also rumors earlier in the year that Baby Soulja was killed but that was a hoax made known by his brother.


Baby soulja looks like he might be facing some time .He recently made a call from Jail saying he will be home soon. Do you think he is a innocent man ?

Baby soulja on the phone since being arrested !

Antonio brown from patriots was Cut !

According to New york post Antonio brown was released from the patriots it was heard that it was because of a sexual assault by his trainer.

What were the allegations ?

Well, 3 days after joining the patriots which was September 10. His trainer hit him with a civil suit on three different situations on sexual assault. Then also a forced rape in 2018. Brown met with some investigators on Monday . Another women had an interview with Sports illustrated and he was accused of sexual assault.

Audio of Jim Jones talking to a Trey way member ❗️

A audio was just leaked of Jim jones saying that 6ix9ine needs to get super violated. It was apparent that he was speaking to a trey way member and they were going to violate him for numerous reasons.

Audio of Jim jones saying they were going to violate 6ix9ine !


Things are really starting to stir up and its looking like 6ix9ine is throwing everyone under the bus with him ! What do you think about the audio ? Was this bad on Jim jones part ? Do you think he might be in some kind of trouble ?

Give me your thoughts !

Troy ave attended 6ix9ine court date for a close friend ❗️

According to Vlad tv , Troy ave actually went to tekashi’s court date and sat in the back of the courtroom. It was said that he went there for a friend name Aljermiah Mack also known as “Nuke”. He was a member of the nine trey bloods. He was convicted of Racketeering . Its also known that he spoke to media personnel and said that he didnt have nothing to say about 6ix9ine and he came to support his friend .

Troy ave at 6ix9ine court date !


Seems like troy ave actually wanted to support his friend during this time . What do you feel about troy ave ? Was it okay for him to show up to the court room ? Do you think that he wanted face confirmation that he actually took the stand ? Let me know your thoughts below .

Day number 3 of the Tekashi trial

6ix9ine has taken the stand once again for day number 3. He is asked a variety of questions if you haven’t seen day 1 check it out on my feed !

Day 1:

1st Q&A

They have released numerous clips as well from him taking the stand and even the releasing of the kidnapping tape via last blog post .

Things said during day 3 on the stand !

This was the first things heard from inner citypress check out below on my instagram he has also released a video!

6ix9ine Q&A
2nd Q&A
3rd Q&A
Last Q & A + Video of him on stand


As you can see its getting really juicy by the minute with this case. He is talking about any and everything involving this indictment. Let me know what you think.

Do you think he is singing on everyone ?

Video of 6ix9ine being kidnapped released

This is a crazy situation for 6ix9ine from moving with the Ninetrey bloods to being indicted and now telling on everybody. We learned a lot these past couple of days. Now there is a video of him being robbed and kidnapped

Video of him being kidnapped & robbed

Tekashi is trending on all social media platforms. We are finding out a lot. There was also a audio of him on the stand in court actually telling. You can find that video on Saycheesetv

video surfaces 6ix9ine being kidnapped & robbed


If you have checked out the video of him being kidnapped you can hear him say ” chill chill” and the robbers telling him that they will shoot him. Be sure to check out the audio of him actually on the stand. Its been so much information leading up on this case its really getting Juicy !

Do you feel that Tekashi is doing the right thing prior to all of these situations or do you feel he is a snitch and not respected ?

Comment below let me know what you think !

Dave east gets charged with battery during 3some !

Dave east was recently out in las Vegas. According to complex dave allegedly started punching a female during sex .

What happen during altercation

It was initially said that he had took some women back to his hotel room after performing at a concert on Saturday night . They began to have sex when an argument sparked she claimed dave east hit her several times. Before she ran into the bathroom and called 911. Dave east claims she started an argument because he didn’t give her enough attention. Then she began to throw bottles at him from across the room. Leaving east with cuts on his arm from shattered glass. A bottle hit him in the head as well.


Dave east was ordered to undergo a Cat scan and is waiting for results.

Do you think dave east was the one who initiated the incident ?

Tory Lanez responds about video of him talkin about 6ix9ine situation !

Tory lanes had alot to say about the situation about 6ix9ine. In a video with complex he actually explains that he misses him and that he doesnt know how it will turn out if and when he is released. He then comes back to say that he doesnt condone telling and that he said that 4-5 days before he took stand.

Tory lanes interview with complex and coming back to say he doesn’t condone snitching with a post

This is the photo of tory lanes explaining what he had said on complex and his message to fans !


Tory lanes basically is explaining what he feels about 6ix9ine and he was angry with fans about the situation.

What do you have to say about this do you think tory lanes has a point ?

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The movies that dish network wants you to watch !


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Let me know are you going to take advantage and watch those movies ?