Da baby says he would have worked wit 6ix9ine prior of snitching

Da baby claims if 6ix9ine was not to snitch he would have never mind working with him .

Why da baby would have worked with 6ix9ine

Da baby felt that they could have definitely made a lot of money together. He also goes on to explain that if 6ix9ine would have wanted him on a song incriminating himself with gang relation he would have turned it down. Its a pretty good reason why da baby would have said that because prior to the situation tekashi had a big buzz. Da baby also says that if tekashi was to get out soon he would not do a song with him . Check it out .

Da baby speaking on collab with 6ix9ine


Would you want to see a da baby and 6ix9ine collab ? Do you think they could have made a dope song together ? Let me know your thoughts.

Wire tap Audio of shotti released

As we know the information about this case has been overflowing. Now we have a wire tap of Shotti speaking on Tekashi

What was said ?

Well it seems like Shotti was speaking about 6ix9ine’s breakfast club interview and how it was disrespectful to the organization. As well as saying he was a mut and they put a muzzle on him. There were many things being said listen for your self .

Snippet of audio
Full audio


How do you feel about this situation ? Do you think Shotti is wrong for saying what he said about him ? Let me know your thoughts .

Update: More videos/Photos + Man who saved young child honored a hero

There has been more updates adding to the story of young child being dragged in on her fathers suicidal rage. A picture of her father the man who actually committed this suicide. as well has the hero who jump in to save her.

Picture of her father

Fernando balbuena and his daughter

This is the child’s father whose name was Fernando Balbuena he was 45 years of age.

Man who saved her

Man who saved child

He was honored for his bravery of going into the tracks and lifting the child to her safety. Her mother was also filled with tears that she escaped alive after the terrible incident. Here is a picture of them together

Some more footage !

The Simpson’s & Rick & Morty’s producer has passed away

According to daily news Emmy winning producer of the Simpson’s & Rick and Morty’s cartoons passed away at 54. J. Micheal Mendel was announced decease on adult swim.

How did he pass?

Well it is unknown at this point on how this tragedy occurred. He was outstanding for his animated series which he spent years working on. This is what adult swim had to say .

A twitter post made by adult swim.


Mike Mendel left behind his wife Juel Bestrop. Condolences to his family he left behind a legacy . He was a four time winning Emmy nominee.

6ix9ine Driver cooperated with feds !

According to Daily news , 6ix9ine wasn’t the only one testifying. His driver cooperated as well to avoid being deported.

Details on Cooperating witness

Tekashi’s driver known as Jorge Rivera was an informant going back to May 2018. He started snitching way before 6ix9ine even became an informant. Rivera was an undocumented immigrant and he was thrown in immigration jail before he became the artist’s driver. He was released and began to drive for Tekashi.

A month later he was rear ended while 6ix9ine was inside the car. This is when the kidnapping took place . The video that was released was the video of the security cameras inside Jorge Riveras Chevy Tahoe. They kidnapped 6ix9ine at gunpoint and Rivera said he was afraid and thought they were being robbed. After 6ix9ine was kidnapped he tried to chase the car but he then let up because one of the men got out the car started coming towards him , so he bailed.

After Being kidnapped

Rivera testified against the alleged kidnappers , Ellison & Nuke Mack. It wasn’t over then Jorge then recorded a conversation with 6ix9ine and Shotti. After the situation had took place and he gave the recording to the feds. Jorge rivera informed that he saw Shotti give 6ix9ine an AR-15 and a blue book bag that was stolen from a rival.

6ix9ine with Ar


As a result Jorge rivera had been charged with connection of racketeering, weapons possession and robbery. His only hopes was not to be deported and he wanted to face his consequences. He also gave the two pieces of evidence to the feds.

Asteroid nearly hit earth , according to Nasa

An asteroid nearly hit earth according to nasa & reported on daily news. It was said it was going at about 55,000 mph and just missed the earth. It was said that in July it passed by and was noticed 48 hours after.

What was said about this asteroid ?

Well , it was said in internal documents by nasa that a large rock swooped pass at about 40,400 miles from the planet. It is being said that this one was the closest ever to come in the past century. The moon is only 239,000 miles away so that is pretty close because we can actually see the moon. The labs got notified on July 27 , 2 days after it nearly missed.

Nasa scientist believe that it could have destroyed the land mass up to 50 miles wide. They called it 2019 Ok and Nasa scientist from Brazil actually spotted it . They are now trying to upgrade there systems so they can actually monitor asteroids like 2019 Ok.


This topic was interesting knowing that a meteor came so close to our earth. That could have been so destructive to our land . It missed earth by a very short distance. Seeing that the moon is actually further than where the meteor actually passed by was astonishing . What do you think about this devastating space rock ? Comment below and let me know .

Suicidal dad jumps in front of train with daughter

According to New york daily news a suicidal dad jumps in front of a train with his daughter . Unfortunately the dad had died but the daughter suffered minor injuries.

Article of the 6year old and her father

What happen during this event ?

Well the tragedy took place in the bronx on the 4 train line monday morning. The dad and his 6 year old daughter were waiting for the train during rush hour at the kings bridge station when the father jumped onto the tracks around 8 am. He pulled his daughter down with him he got hit by the train and the train clipped her but she survived. She went to jacobi medical center with minor injuries. More details here.

Video of girl being saved from under the train (swipe)


This is a sad story it seemed as if he tried to kill himself and his daughter. luckily she survived . What do you think caused this ? Mental issues ? Troubles at home ? Comment below let me know your thoughts check out the video on my page as well .

Jim jones house went into foreclosure

According to xxl , Jim jones Fair lawn , Nj house went in to foreclosure. Now its being sold on the auction list.

Why it went into foreclosure ?

Well , it looks like Jim jones had took out a loan back in 2008 for about 680,000$. He was scheduled to make payments of about 4,500$. Jim jones stop paying his payments back in 2010. The US National Bank Association actually sued Jones. He then made an Agreement to settle and pay the debt with the bank which was not met. The house was sold back to the bank for 100$ In a sheriffs sale. Capo now owes 1,300,000$+.

Jharrell Jones becomes youngest person to win Emmy award

Jharrel jones was the youngest and first afro latino to win a Emmy awards as lead actor. He played in the movie “When they see us” the story of 5 young men. “Central park 5” who was subsequently charged for a rape crime of a jogger in 1984. He played as Korey wise who had spent 14 years behind bars. It took years for them to be exonerated .

What did he win ?

Jharrel Jones won the outstanding lead actor in a limited series or movie award.

Da baby throws a swing at a fan !

Da baby was at prime festival performing out in Lansing , Michigan. According to vlad tv & TMZ which a video was leaked da baby can be seen throwing a punch into the crowd.

Why da baby threw the punch

We are still updating and trying to find out why da baby threw the punch but it had to be something serious. Da baby finished his set on stage and he left the building right after.

Another video of dababy punching fan ❗️


Why do you think da baby threw the punch ? Do you think a fan tried to grab his chain ? Did they try to touch him inappropriately? Check out the video above and be sure to leave your thoughts!