Bloody Gang Shooting Nyc: 10 people shot !

Bloody gang shooting took place in Queens. 10 people were shot on a crazy Saturday night in NYC. Two men approached a group on 99th st and 37th street and unleashed their weapons. A security video captures it on tape. Read more here.

Edai from Team600 reportedly shot and killed !

Edai from Team600 was reportedly shot and killed lastnight. According to multiple sources , Spot News reported the tweet and says he was shot on 72nd and Bennett.the police radio confirmed he was shot twice in the back. He was pronounced dead. Condolences to his friends and family.

42dugg receives backlash after he licks his son’s neck

42dugg receives backlash after he licks his son’s neck. It looks like he didn’t mean it in that sense, but the internet looked at it differently. what do you feel about it? Was it a bit too much?

Will car insurance pay it forward? The toxic couple goes wild!

Toxic couple caught on camera going crazy. You can see the woman trying to run her boyfriend over as he takes his clothes out of the trunk. She destroys the car in the process. Will car insurance pay it forward?

These are the things you need to try to stay away from in relationships. She could have killed him. Let me know your thoughts about this whole situation. The video was found on worldstarhiphop.

Saweetie collabs with Mcdonalds has her own meal

Saweetie has her on so icy meal at McDonalds. She collabs with McDonalds and shows different sandwhich concoctions she would call it. Would you give it a try ?

Security Guard claims muwop wanted to take chiefkeef chain

Security guard claims that muwop wanted to take chief keef chain at rolling loud. Security guard says they were kicked out after a tip came in that they were going to try and take his chain.

Muwop is a OTF member affiliated with Lil durk. Security guard explains the details on IG live claiming these allegations.

collabs with Pop tart Lyrical Lemonade shows it off

Lyrical Lemonade collabs with Pop tart after showing a preview. The creative beast has his own pop tart collab coming and he seems excited. The flavor is lemon creme pie which will be released next month.

Video from boosie instagram defends homophobic slurs

Dababy was recently called out for his homophobic slurs at rolling loud. A video from boosie instagram defends those homophobic slurs. Video surfaced from boosie instagram basically explains that everyone may not want to be introduce to things of that nature. Could be the reason he would defend the homophobic slurs.

He then calls out to Lil Nas X, saying that he would perform naked. Boosie basically wants things to be fair around the issue. It does seem like alot of people have came out to speak against dababy. Some examples are Dua Lipa,Elton john, and Demi Lavato. TMZ reported on the story about it.

Listen to the video on what he had to say about the situation. Let me know your thoughts.

Homophobic attack? DaBaby apologizes for the comments!

Dababy tweeted out apologies for what seemed like a homophobic attack at rolling loud. It was said that he made some criticizing comments amongst gay men.

The video circulated on social media on Sunday night during his performance. He later tried to explain the homophobic rant with a video that next day. Tmz posted the video here. He explains what he was trying to say, but it came out far more worst in the public’s opinion. TI also intervenes and he defends what Dababy was trying to say. You can watch that video here.

So here are the tweets that Dababy posted for his apologies. Please comment and let me know your thoughts. Was Dababy out of line for his homophobic attack?

Nbayoungboy bond denied !

Authorities did not joke when it came to Nbayoungboy. The judge claimed that Nbayoungboy was to dangerous for him to be released. Which left him with his bond denied.

They also brought up a few pictures that affected him from being released. In the photos you can see he had guns. He must remain in jail until trial. According to AllHiphopnews.

Let me know your thoughts on his situation. Check out the images they used in court.