Young women goes on trip with friends and is killed !

A young women went on a trip with a group of friends and was killed. A story came out speaking with the mother of the victim. The first initial story was her passing from alcohol poisoning. Soon to find out that was not the case. The autopsy reveals she died from a broken neck and spine.

According to North Carolina beat, Shanquella Robinson from Charlotte NC was found unresponsive after medics were called to her Cabo Villa. The group of 6 went to a trip in Mexico on Friday October 28,2022. The next day a call came in to the family of the victim from her best friend Khalil Cooke claiming she was not feeling well. Khalil called again and said that the victim was being escorted with medics. He told her mother she had a hangover from a night of drinking. The medics tried to resuscitate her but she could not be saved.

The 6 friends left Mexico a day early after this tragic event. As more of the story unfolds. Shanquella had a broken neck and spine , a knot on her forehead, and a split lip. A video has been published to the internet showing what really happen before her passing. The cause of her death was due to her being beaten. The video showed that she was fighting another girl named Daejhanae Imani Jackson. You can see her being thrown and punched while she was naked as her “friends” recorded. The 4 other friends that were on the trip were Malik St. Patrick Dyer , Wenter Donovan , Alysse Michelle Hyatt , Nazeer Tyree Vincente Wiggins. The mother of the victim spoke to Queens City News about what took place the night she found out her daughter was dead.To read more click here or watch videos below.