5 Brooklyn gang members indicted !

5 Brooklyn Gang members were indicted from “BamaLife”. According to Daily News, They were charged with multiple counts including plotting to kill drill rapper Envy Caine.

It was said that they plotted for as long as 6 years trying to carry out the hit. Going back and fourth in songs making threats to kill Envy Caine. They claim the beef started in November 2016. Envy Caines girlfriend was shot by a member of Bamalife. A member of the crew was then shot shortly after that incident and claimed that Envy was responsible. Soon after, they spotted Envy Caine but missed their target. Nuival “Envy Caine” Vasquez is in custody under federal charges for having a Shotgun as a felon in Georgia. He has not yet been sentenced.

Bama Life Indictment (click here)