Milwaukee Rapper Kills 2 including himself!

A viral video has been going around of a man basically apologizing on social media. in the video he expresses that he has been going through alot mentally after killing the mother of his child and a bystander.

Rapper Larvelle Huddleston aka “Velle Vell”took his own life after police swarmed his 2nd floor apartment. it was said that he got into an altercation with the mother of his child.

A man in the parking lot of the altercation tried to intervene which he then shot him and chased the girl and shot her. He then got into a shootout with police and injured another man who tried to come to aid the people who were shot in the parking lot.

The 2 victims were age 31 & 23 and the injured man was 36. The incident took place in Deer Park complex around 10 am. He was brought into custody and later pronounced deceased. According to New York Post.

(Left) Larvell Huddleston (26) – (Right) Arieuna Nichole (23)