Cblu arrested

Young Artist CBlu arrested after getting into a struggle with a police officer. Due to the incident the cop was struck in the leg by a bullet. 16 year old CBlu was also struck in the groin after his gun went off. The incident took place on lorillard place and 187th st around 9:30pm. The officer was wheeled out of the hospital later that night as for CBlu he is expected to recover. According to Abc 7.


Ypf Gang Indictment

A gang Indictment took place in Brooklyn this evening. Ypf gang was subject to a 118 count indictment. 17 alleged gang members were arrested on numerous charges. It was said that they were connected to 4 murders and wounding 10 others in the process. One of many arrested was a well-known artist named, Zah Brim. the age ranges were from 17-23 years of age. The defendants were charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted murder. According to the New York Post.