Kay Flock may not be the shooter !

A tip was received by Kay flocks attorney that he may not be the shooter. Scott Leemon Kay Flocks attorney has been doing some deep investigation on his behalf after learning he turned his self into the 30th precinct. Scott Leemon stated

As to the charges levied against him, we have begun out own investigation
into these allegations. More importantly, considering the DA’s significant disclosure this morning that the NYPD received a tip saying someone else is the shooter, we demanded the DA’s office provide prompt disclosure of the videos
referenced in the complaint and more information on the tip

We will address bail once we have had a chance to review the pertinent
discovery and to further investigate the DA’s noteworthy disclosure.”

Kay Flock is facing some pretty heavy charges. The cops are also claiming that he us apart of a Bronx Based gang called “Third side” which they think was gang related. More details will be released as information comes forward.