Sheff G charged with new lawsuit from cop pursuit !

Sheff G has been charged with a new lawsuit after a cop pursuit. Video released of Sheff g after he swiped a woman’s car speeding from cops. He later crashes his Mercedes Benz into a tree in someones yard. The incident took place on Long Island intersection on Aug 21 , 2020.

His 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE AMG 63 sped through a stop sign and swiped the vehicle . The woman exited the vehicle and watched his car slide down the runway as he crashed. The Nassau County Police swarmed him. The woman testified that she had neck , back , and arm pains after the collision. The lawsuit was filed in October 2020 by Alexia Friend the woman who was driving the Cadillac. Spokesman for police department denied to speak on why they were chasing him and if he faces any charges at the moment. According to Daily News, click link for more information.

New york senators introduce new Bill !

New york senators has introduced a new bill to limit the use of rap lyrics in criminal trial. According to Inside edition, senators Brad Hoylman and Jamaal bailey introduces the new bill called “Rap Music on trial” which will limit all music as evidence in trial. It will be strictly limited to lyrics, videos , and other creative ideas. So prosecutors will have to show clear evidence that the rap music is actually factual. They state that using rap music creates an unfair racial bias. Click link above for more information.

Police report filed after singer urinates on fan !

A police report was filed after a singer urinated on a fan. She called him on stage and pulled down her pants as he laid there. The report was filed in Daytona , Florida on Sophia Urista. It wasn’t filed by the fan who had it done to him but another fan who complained. According to Daily news.

Man murders her daughters ex boyfriend who sold her to a trafficking Organization

John Eissenman(60) murdered daughters ex boyfriend after he sold her to a trafficking organization in Seattle. Andrew Sorensen (19) was found in an abandon car with puncture wounds with his ankle and mouth taped up. It was said that she was sold back in October of 2020 and he drove to Seattle & was able to rescue her.

John Eissenman (60) in court

He then located Sorensen and abducted him in November of 2020. Cops wrote in a statement he assaulted Andrew with a cinder block before stabbing him multiple times. A neighbor over heard John speaking on a body he had hidden in the back of a car. The vehicle belonged to his wife Brenda Kross. The vehicle was reported stolen last year the body was found in Oct 2021. He was charged with first degree murder and $1million dollar bond. For more information click here.

Andrew Sorensen