Rapper from NJ claims to have taken Smoove L Chain !

According to a reliable source, Nj Rapper claimed to have taken Smoove L’s chain after ex girlfriend stole it from his home.

Back in July Smoove L was arrested on a gun charge after the woman above called and said he had a gun in his home. He was arrested shortly after. Now , it is known she actually took the chain to get back at him for cheating. Smoove L tried to confront her which she called cops to have his home searched for the weapon.The NJ Rapper got his hands on the pendant and poses in a picture with it , caption read “COME GET IT BACK IN BLOOD”.

Kodak Black Receives backlash after a dance with his mother!

Looks like Kodak can not get a break after he receives backlash after a dance with his mother. People are saying he basically grabbed his mother’s backside and tried to kiss. Basically saying it was very awkward. You be the judge and let me know your thoughts.

Full Video !

Feds plan to release Nontoxic gases in NYC

The feds plan to release nontoxic gas particles into the subway system in NYC. According to New York daily news, this will be apart of an experiment. The experiment is basically a study for airborne terrorism threats. They plan to do these test from Oct 18-29. They will be using an imitation biological and chemical agents and will set up air testing devices. Homeland security and the Massachusetts institute of technology need hard data to ensure its safety.

Man Lives on a Raw meat Diet for 3 years !

Weston Rowe (39) a Nebraska resident has been eating a Raw meat diet for 3 years. He eats all raw protein sources including Chicken , beef, and liver. He believes that eating this way has helped him boost his energy levels despite dangerous infections. He says he is in the best shape of his life mentally and physically. He also doesnt eat any processed foods typically raw meats and fruits. He explains that he changed his diet after feeling lazy and having brain fogginess.

Pooh Sheisty withdraws request to delay trial !

Pooh Shiesty is set to appear in court for trial on October 25. We have now learned that he will withdraw from delaying a request to cancel. His lawyers recommended that he proceed with the court date. Sheisty is on trial for a federal robbery case where a man was shot in the buttocks. Sheisty has pleaded not guilty to a 4 count federal indictment. Which carries a maximum sentence of life. Allegedly Pooh Sheisty along with 2 other accomplice robbed and shot a man at the Landon hotel before taking off. According to Rolling Stone.

Netflix being sued for popularity of “Squid Games” creates traffic surge !

Netflix has ran into some legal trouble as they are getting sued for the popular show release of “Squid Games” . According to Fox Business, it was said they are being sued by S.K broadband for a increase in traffic and maintenance for internet server. Seoul Court stated that Netflix should compensate for the surge in traffic to the internet provider. Explaining that content distributors do not compensate for internet booms. Netflix’s intends to review the claim and find a way to come in agreement.

Eminem opens “Moms Spaghetti” restaurant in Detroit !

Eminem has opened a new restaurant in Detroit. The restaurant is called “Moms spaghetti”. The restaurant is located in 2131 Woodward ave , it is part of a retail store called the “Trailer”. The project is a partnership with union joint restaurant. The restaurant is a walk up window & was a concept from his song “Lose Yourself”.

Bobby Shmurda gives out school supplies in NYC!

Bobby Shmurda giving back to his community again. As he is giving out school supplies for the kids of NYC. He gave away 2,000 book bags across the city filled with books, pencils , pens, a motivational letter and more. He gave out donations throughout the city at 6 NYC Schools. Grades ranging from elementary to highschool.