Alpo shot and killed in Harlem

According to Onsmash, Alpo Martinez a well known drug dealer was shot and killed in harlem. It was said that he was killed in an apparent drive by shooting. He was struck multiple times in the chest. The incident took place at around 3:30am on west 147th st. He was rushed to harlem hospital and could not be saved. NYPD will release surveillance in the upcoming hours.

Shotti down to his last 1,200$

According to Complex, court documents reveal Kifano “Shotti” Jordan might be down to his last $1,200.

Shotti was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for federal racketeering in 2019. it is now known that he needs legal counsel to “aid in presenting issues” to the court and for the court to vacate all charges by the Criminal Justice act. CJA basically appoints a counsel to those whore are basically “financially unable” to have a counsel appointed to them. Shotti’s request was granted a day later which he was appointed a counsel. On the paperwork, it states that he has $1,200 in hand and no other forms of income. For more information click the link above.

Man goes viral after being married to a young woman !

A Man goes viral after he is married to a young woman. The story is not fully clear many rumors are going around saying that he took care of her as a child. Now they are both happily married. The young woman is 18 years old and the man looks well off in his 50’s. He responds to the people talking down on him on Facebook. She also goes live and speaks on being married to the older gentleman. She explains why she is happy with her decisions. To watch the full live video you can click down below and sign into facebook to watch.

Link to full Live !

Otf Boona arrested for Atl Mall shooting !

Lil Durk affiliate Otf Boona has been arrested for a mall shooting that injured a 6 year old. According to HipHop Dx , Boona was accused of firing out of an Suv before taking off. The incident took place in March at Cucumber Mall in Atlanta. OTF Boona whose real name is Micheal L. Golden fired off shots at another vehicle. 4 people were injured as well as the young boy. He was caught due to evidence left at the scene which was his cellphone. He was arrested along side 3 other men;Karanji Reese, 18; Jokava Harris, 19; and Desan Powell, 19. They all face gun and drug charges.