Update: Popular instagram influencer cause of death!

The cause of death of a popular instagram influencer has been released. Janae Gagnier also known as Mercedes mor was found dead in her Richmond Texas apartment. Her murderer was found dead with her. Gagnier was strangled by Kevin Accorto and then she suffered a concussion. Kevin then committed suicide which was multiple sharp force trauma. Police also said there were no signs of forced entry. According to ABC 13.

Popular Instagram model dead in an apparent murder/suicide

According to ABC 7 , a popular instagram model was found dead in what seem to be an apparent murder suicide. The man suspected of killing her was also found dead with her. The murder took place in Richmond Texas Sunday afternoon inside Cortland apartments. Real name Janae Gagnier age 33 also known as Mercedes Mor on Instagram. The man identified with her at the time was Kevin Alexander Accorto age 34. Will be updated when more information is released.

shoots himself in the foot on accident NYPD does nothing!

A man accidentally shoots himself in the foot in front of NYPD. In the video you can see the group of men scramble and run off when the gun goes off. NYPD patrol car was next to them as well as 2 officers on foot. they casually act as if nothing happened. Now the cops have been suspended for their actions. According to New York Daily News.

Jackboy responds to Kodak Black over Youngboy beef !

Jackboy hopped on live to respond to Kodak black over Youngboy beef. It was said that Kodak through Jackboy under the bus claiming that he wrote to Youngboy from his page. Jack boy responds to the allegation clearing up that this is false.

Sentenced to Probation PNB Rock charged in Philly!

Pnb Rock was sentenced to probation for gun and drug charges from 2 years ago. Cops found marijuana and a stolen gun at his Bensalem township home in 2019. Police found approximately five pounds of marijuana, scales, packaging material, over $33,000 in cash and a stolen .40 caliber Glock handgun. On Monday he was charged with intent to deliver and one count of possession of stolen property. He received 36 months of probation and 100 hours of community service. According to NBC Philadelphia.

Three dead after shootout during Crate Challenge!

A shooting left Three dead when a shoot out erupted during a crate challenge a viral social media trend. In the video recorded you can hear the gun fire erupt. One person has been identified in the shooting , her name is Paris King (19). The incident took place in Louisiana in front of Linwood Public charter school at around 6:11pm. According to News Week. It is not known what was the cause of the gun fire but condolences to the lives affected. 

19 year old Paris King

Private Jet Crashed which held champ Gervonta Davis

Everyone is safe as Gervonta Davis private jet had crashed during take off. He was able to show the after math of the incident. Kodak Black also said he was on the same plane as Gervonta when it happened.

Shotti says he has 1.5million on fight with 69

Shotti calls in the line on Akademiks new podcast. He states that he needs to tell the truth instead of justifying why he snitched. Shotti says he has 1.5 million on his friend to fight 69.

Georgia man arrested after crashing into police cars

Georgia man known as rapper Paperlovee was arrested after a brief struggle with police. It was said that officers were trying to stop him for an alleged shooting. There were 2 police cars on scene when he tried to make an escape. He crashed into both vehicles and cops suffered minor injuries. He was brought into custody and was armed. Sandy springs police say he might of been involved in a shooting on 2070 Alison Court Southwest in May.The car chase incident took place on Georgia 400 near Interstate 285. According to WSBTV.

Video of him after car chase.