Bill cosby set to be released !

Bill Cosby is set to be released after his case was overturned. Bill Cosby spent the last 2 years behind bars after multiple women accused him of explicit acts. It was said that an agreement with previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged. Here is one of the accusers who found out the news that he was being released.

Skinny from the 9 claims Almighty Jay Snitched he responds !

Skinny from the 9 calls out Almighty Jay claims that he snitched and Almighty Jay responds. In 2019 Almighty Jay was jumped and slashed in the Face in New york. Skinnyfrmthe9 came out on Instagram showing messages with the person he Almighty Jay allegedly snitched on. Almighty jay shows proof from a article with revolt saying he did not cooperate. Skinny from the 9 also wants to box him for 20k. Thoughts ?

Feds indict Pooh Sheisty !

Feds have indicted Pooh Sheisty with help of Instagram photos. Pooh Sheisty has been taken into federal custody for a shooting which occurred October of 2020. Investigators were aided by a picture which Sheisty was flaunting rifles and cash. In one of the photos a Louis Vuitton bag with the same serial numbers as the one at the scene was recorded. According to Miami Herald, Sheisty has been charged with discharging a firearm , conspiracy & robbery.

Kyle Massey charged with Felony !

Disney star Kyle Massey has been charged with a felony after sending explicit pictures to a 13 yo. According to TMZ , he has been charged with one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. It was said he sent these pictures from December 2018 – January 2019. Back in March 2019 Massey was sued for 1.5 million after sending out multiple explicit images through snapchat. He claimed that he was being extorted. Now the images has caught up to after sending these to the younger women he knows , she received the images when she was 13. The mother of the girl said Massey has known her since she was 4. Click link above for more information.

Baby Joe shot !

NBA Youngboy affiliate BBG Baby joe was shot in Baton Rouge. According to WAFB9 , Baby joe was shot following a gun battle. It was said that 3 men were being treated for gunshot wounds on Saturday(June 26). The shootout occurred on Siegen Lane under an overpass. Officers said two cars opened fire on each other.