Kodak black sentenced to probation!

Kodak black was sentenced to 18 months of probation after pleading guilty to a 2016 case. According to TMZ, Kodak pleaded guilty to sexual assault and battery. He was originally indicted on first degree sexual conduct a felony charge. It was said that he sexually assaulted a female in a hotel back in February of 2016. Click link above for more information.

Suspect arrested for the murder of Tray Savage

According to XXL, a man has been arrested in connection to the death of Tray Savage. Tray Savage was a long time Glo Gang member who was shot and killed in Chicago in June 2020. Police have not caught up with the man who they believe did it. 20 year old Demitri Jackson was arrested in Fort worth texas and extradited to cook county jail. He appeared for a bail hearing and he was denied he will be back on April 30. Click link above for more info.

Fivio arrested !

According to XXL, Fivio foreign was arrested after police found him with a loaded handgun. Fivio was arrested in Fort Lee , NJ. It was said that he has been arrested for resisting arrest and possession of a defaced firearm. The officer asked him to stop which he then ran to his vehicle. As the officer apprehended him a .25 caliber fell from his waist. Fivio has not been granted bond. Link above for more information.

Matty Gz home raided

According to Staten Island News, teenage Rapper matty Gz was arrested after a raid in his Staten island home. It was said that he pointed a gun at a driver which resulted in a raid at his home. The police found fake and real firearms. He was released under supervision and will appear back in court on July 14. Click link above for more information.

Dmx Passes away

According to TMZ , earlier today DMX was still on Life support. The doctors did a Brain function test which they said showed no improvements. As you know a week ago DMX had slipped into a coma after having a overdose. Now , multiple sources are saying rest in peace to the rapper. His manager now confirms he is still alive.


According to Tmz, Dmx organs were failing and his family has said he was on his final hours. It is now confirmed that he has passed away at 50 years of age. Condolences to The family & friends of DMX.