Jackboy Arrested for Gun possession!

According to TMZ , Jackboy was arrested for Gun possession after being pulled over in Monroe Georgia. It was said his driver could not stay in his lane which led to the traffic stop. The officers smelt marijuana so they conducted a vehicle search which led to them finding 2 unregistered firearms. One was a 9mm and a Glock the passenger in the back seat claimed they were his . Jackboy was arrested after they found out he was a convicted felon but let out shortly on 2,500 bond. Click link above for more information.

Women finds vacant apartment behind her Mirror in NYC

A woman found a vacant apartment behind her mirror in NYC. She explains her feeling cold air coming from her bathroom. Which she discovers a secret entrance behind her bathroom mirror.

Lil Yachty & Vlad Tv go back and fourth !

Lil Yachty and Vlad Tv go back and fourth after digging up some lost files. He brought up why him & Lil Uzi were not seeing eye to eye.

Randy Orton vs Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy & Randy Orton(wwe) goes back and fourth after Soulja boy calls WWE fake.