Nike Sueing Lil nas X !

Looks like Nike will be suing Lil Nas X for a recent shoe that he dropped. They are suing for copyright infringement. Nike claims they have nothing to do with the release of this shoe. The shoe is basically a modified Air max 97. It was said it comes with a drop of human blood and MSCHF helped design it. The sneakers “Satan Shoe” sold out on Monday. According to NBC News.

Foogiano arrested for cutting ankle monitor !

According to XXL, Foogiano was arrested after being a fugitive from justice without a warrant. It was said that he was wanted for removing his ankle monitor and disappearing for 2 weeks. He was given an ankle monitor after being arrested Dec 6 for violation of probation for a firearm. Dec 14 ,2020 he was released on 50k bond and was ordered to stay at home. His community service officer got notified his monitor was tampered with.They found it on the side of the highway with melted straps. He is now being held at the Shelby county Jail in Memphis.