Rapper arrested after making music video doing Unemployment fraud !

According to Daily news, a rapper who goes by the name Nuke Bizzle was arrested for unemployment fraud. It was said that the rapper made a song & music video explaining how he scammed California Employment Development Department (EDD) for 1million dollars. The 31 year old rapper now faces 22 years in jail after receiving 92 debit cards which he loaded with 1.2 million and sent to the addresses shown in the video. Fontrell Antonio Baines ( Nuke Bizzle) was charged with device fraud , aggravated identity theft , and interstate transportation of stolen property. Click link above for more info & Music video below !


Toddle dies in hot car after father refuses to let cops break window !

According to New york post, a man let his Toddler daughter die in a hot car because he refused to let his brother break his window due to not having enough money to fix it. The incident took place in Las Vegas the father was arrested shortly after. Sidney Deal also denied for his girlfriend to call his insurance because of the quote price they had told him for a locksmith & tow truck. Sidney then flagged down a cruiser & after several minutes cops had to break the window which they pulled out his daughter unresponsive and she died on scene. He is now being held in Clark county detention center on 20,000$ Bond. Click link above for more information.