Cdai from Jail says new mixtape & Rondo throwing him under the bus!

In a recent phone call from prison Cdai talks on his new mixtape. He also comes forward to talk about how his own brother who he sat in front of jurors with throws him under the bus. CDai definitley matured while in prison and he has alot to talk about. He has a mixtape dropping with 20 songs all from prison. Check it out !

Time Stamp : Mixtape – 8:40

His Case – 11:50

Black man dies from asphyxiation after police put hood over his head

According to Daily News, a black man has died after a police officer put a hood over his head. It was said that Daniel Prude was running naked in the streets before cops put a hood over his head and pressed his head on the pavement for 2 minutes. The incident had took place on March 23,2020 and the victim died 7 days later when they took him off of life support. It took place in Rochester and now they have released the video of the encounter with the Rochester Police. Click link above for more information.

Video here !

Coach the ghost unsigned from 1017

It is now confirmed that Coach the ghost is unsigned from 1017. Months back there were rumors that Coach was not signed to Gucci anymore. It has been now confirmed after Gucci posted a photo of his new signees without Coach in it. Even though coach is not signed anymore Gucci let him keep his chain and watch that was gifted. It is still unclear why he was unsigned, will keep you updated.

Fbi investigates guy in a Jet pack in LA

According to LA Times, a pilot reported of a man in a jetpack. Now the FBI has launched an investiagtion looking for the man that was seen flying the jetpack. An American airline pilot reported to the LAX towers that he had just passed what appeared to be a flying man in a jetpack. Then a second call came in stating a pilot from JetBlue Airways reported the same man. Now the FBI is aware and they are on the hunt. Click link above for more information.