Bronx dad Loses his Jobs after being shot protecting his kids

This past Monday a bronx dad was shot in the leg after trying to protect his children from gunfire. Shots rung out at a bronx dealership early Monday morning. In the video you can see the father grabbing his kids and bringing them to the floor and shielding them. We have now learned that he has been fired from both jobs due to his inability to walk.

Kodak blacks lawyer files lawsuit !

Kodak Black’s lawyer has filed a lawsuit and is planning to sue. Kodak stresses that he is being tortures while incarcerated and he is still not able to see a rabbi (jewish teacher) . The lawsuit claims he is being abused by guards, mental abuse, and religious suppression. TMZ explains that he is being targeted by Miami prison guard for how he has been treated. They claim he was reatraint for more than 6 hours where he had no access to a bathroom which led him to urinate and defecate on himself. Click link above for more information.

Bobby Shmurda Parole has been denied

According to TMZ, Bobby Shmurda had a meeting with the board last week & was denied parole. There were high hopes he would be released in 2020 but he will not be released until his max sentence Dec 11,2021. They claim reasons behind this was because of 11 violations racked up behind bars. Click link above for more information.