Black panther actor Chadwick Boseman passes away at 43

According to Multiple sources Chadwick Boseman “Black panther” actor has passed away. It was said that he has passed from battling with colon cancer. He was diagnosed in 2016 and battle with it for 4 years. Which it progressed to stage iv he went through countless surgeries and chemotherapy. He passed away at his home with with his family and wife by his side. Condolences goes out to his family and friends.

Prosecutor who defended Nipsey’s killer will defend Pop Smoke’s killer !

According to complex , the same prosecutor who defended Nipsey’s Killer will defend Pop Smoke’s. Chris Darden was also O.J Simpson’s prosecutor. Corey Walker & Keandre Rodgers showed up for a pre trial Monday. Darden was Eric holders attorney which he received heavy criticism for so he pulled out of the case. He will now be representing Pop Smoke’s alleged killers he had someone show up to the hearing on his behalf this afternoon. Click link above for more information.

Lil mosey arrested on gun charge !

Lil mosey was arrested on a felony guncharge according to XXL. It was said that Mosey was pulled over in a traffic stop in Burbank, California . He was riding in a escalade without a license plate with his security and a minor. The police notice the driver had an empty gun holster which conducted in a search of the vehicle. After the search they found 3 loaded 9mm handguns. Mosey was let out on $35,000 bail and each person was booked under the same felony , carrying a concealed firearm. Link above for more information.

Dozens arrested for ATM Theft at Santander bank

According to NJ news, there has been dozens of arrest for a ATM theft scam in Santander bank. It was a widespread scam where people used prepaid cards to steal from ATM’s. The arrests were made around in New Jersey and in New york while the investigation is on going. It was said there was a glitch in the banks system where people were able to take out 10’s of thousands of dollars using prepaid cards. Click link above for more information.