Hurricane chris arrest for murder

According to KTBS News , Hurrican chris has been charged with second degree murder and possesion of stolen things. It is known that Christopher Dooley aka Hurrican chris shot a man he thought was trying to steal his vehicle. The incident happen at the Texaco Convenience store. The man was shot multiple times and brought to Ochsner Lsu Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Detectives got a hold of the footage and it showed Chris did not act in a self defense manner and the vehicle he was in was also stolen from Texas. Click link above for more information.

Pop Smoke’s family will be starting a non profit organization !

Pop Smoke’s family will be starting a non profit organization. The foundation was announced earlier today , which is called “Shoot for the stars”. It was founded by Pop Smoke before his passing and now led by his mother. The foundation will focus on the youth and inspire them to turn their dreams into reality. Pop Smoke was planning this through with his mother before his tragic passing. Now while the world is in need Pop Smoke would want this most. Ms. Jackson wants to honor her son by giving back to the communities and for generations to come. Pop Smoke’s debut album will be released July 3rd , 2020. RIP Bashar “Pop Smoke” Jackson.

2chainz being sued by Pablo Escobars family !

Looks like 2chains has got him self into some trouble. According to XXL , Pablo Escobars family has filed a lawsuit against 2chainz for his restaurants in ATL. It was said that 2chainz restaurant “Tapas south” and “Escobar Restaurant” was sued because of the names for $10 Million. Pablo Escobars family runs the corporation Escobars Inc. which runs legal trademark businesses in Purto Rico and California. It is said that 2chainz and business partner Mychel Dillard aka Snoop has been using the names with a Pablo Escobar theme. Click link above for more information.

Officer who shot Rayshard Brooks Arrested on Murder!

According to Abc 6, Officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks was arrested on felony murder and aggravated assault. It was said that Rayshard did not pose any threat when officers shot him in the back. He was also then kicked him while he laid on the ground without any medical treatment.

The video surfaced online which was seen Brooks snatching a stun gun and was shot 18 feet away from officers. The charge on officer Garret Rolfe carries life in prison term or death penalty. As for the second officer Devin Brosnan he was charged with aggravated assault after he stood on Brooks shoulders while he Struggled for his life . Click link above for more information.

Aunt Jemima syrup logo and name being changed

According to multiple sources, after 131 years Aunt Jemima will be changing their logo and name. Quaker oats announced this change Wednesday morning. It was said that the name came about through racial stereotype. They want to make a change towards racial equality , the new name and logo will be released in fall.

Man caught in Nick Blixky Murder Case !

The man in the Nick Blixky murder case has been identified and caught.

According to the Daily News, Nick blixky dapped the man up moments before his killing. The man was an ex convict and was previously booked for attempt murder. Caliph Glean(28) was seen on a nearby deli camera dapping Nick Blixky up before backing up and shooting him. He was identified from his distinctive globe tattoo on his left arm which the feds eventually matched up. Witnesses claim they seen the man run off and hop on a get away dirt bike moments after the shooting. Glean was found at his home on 800 eastern parkway , which they recovered 9mm Luger caliber ammunition which is the same shell casings found on the scene of Nick Blixkys murder. More details are still pending on his charges. Click link above for more information.