Guy killed on camera by police !

In a viral video you can see a man being detained by officers. The officer had his knee on the mans neck. He screamed multiple times that he could not breathe. Which the officer still did not show no resistance to his call. He stood there until ambulance came and it was already to late.

Kj Balla Shot & Killed

Another young Artist killed to gun violence. Just recently we lost another young artist from Brooklyn. Now we have lost a second. His death has not been confirmed by officials. All his close friends are mourning him. Will keep you updated on more information regarding this tragedy.


According to New york daily news, Noel Kennedy also known as Kj balla was shot and killed in his vehicle on Bradford st. He was a mile away from his home. Him and another person was shot as well. It was said that he was shot in the chest when someone from a passing car opened fire. The gunman fired five times before speeding off. He was shot multiple times in the chest and the other man was shot in his arm, stomach, and back. He is expected to live , as for Kj he was taken to Brookdale hospital and he could not be saved. Condolences to his close friends and family.
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Fivio Foreign creates a Non profit organization!

Fivio Foreign is looking to give back to his community and ones less fortunate by creating a Non profit organization. The program is called Foreignside Foundation. He explains that his main goal is to help people coming up from the same struggle as he did. He wants to be able to go around speaking to communities and even jails and provide a helping hand. This program is focused on Homeless, at risk youth, former gang members, inmates, and anyone who might need supplemental and educational help. This might be a great way to actually grow our communities of NYC to actually build the next generation.