Kodak black sentenced to 12 more months

According to Kodak Blacks lawyer , Kodak was sentenced an additional 12 months. On March 11, Kodak was sentenced to 46 months for second degree criminal possession of a weapon after trying to cross the U.S border into Canada. The second sentencing stemmed from illegally purchasing a Fire arm in his home state. The additional 12 months will now run concurrent with his current sentencing.

6ix9ine wants out of prison during Virus Pandemic

Tekashi is not settling after he told the judge that coronavirus can kill him. He now wants out of jail so he can take his chances on the outside world. According to TMZ, 6ix9ine’s wrote a letter to the judge about his well being while behind bars. It was said that he was diagnosed with bronchitis and sinusitis and recently had shortness of breath while incarcerated. He hasn’t seen a doctor because they wont let him. As you know Tekashi was recently sentenced to 24 month with his release date being set for August,2020. Click link above for more info.

6ix9ine has been sued by Fashion nova !

According to TMZ, Tekashi seems to have got him self into more legal issues. As he buckles down for his release in August. He is now being Sued by fashion nova for 2.25million. It was said that he was given 225,000 to promote the brand on his Social platforms. They wired him the money and 2 weeks after he was locked up. Him being arrested he was not able to fulfill is obligations for the Brand. He promised to return the money but never did and they also claimed they never knew he was a criminal. Click link above for more information.