24 thoughts on “Nle Choppa ex girlfriend explains why they broke up + Choppa Goes Off!”

  1. Well it’s 2 sides of the story and either way she’s gonna be a good mother if the baby isn’t his or not at the end of the of the day the baby might just have to grow up without a dad and mariah’s just gonna be the baby mom and dad she’s gonna be a single mom

  2. All yall hoes thirsty fo a 17 year old nigga that dont won’t nun of yall hoes so get off his dick and let him live his got dam life old ass hoes

  3. sayin she was a fish but u dated her? sense does that make? And your excuse was your gun was jammed?U really gone shoot the girl u was calling wife. YEA YEA. GO on somewhere choppa u stay saying walkem down but the only person you walking down is your self. You prolly was messing with Ho** so all yall can get off my girl back bc all jhitts gone do is put on a act like they bout that life and they not.

  4. br nle choppa aint arguing about these bitches that why these mf dont play around with this shit

  5. exactly bc why is she claim that she had him for how many fucking years see that why this shit get fuck up and u know nle aint gonna say shit to her

  6. this shit is frfr bc look what the fuck choppa did to her now she fuck u bc he cheated on her

  7. NLE Choppa made a song called no love anthem, I listen to it every time I’m heartbroken. The song get’s REAL deep… 🙁

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