Viral video of man trying to snatch a female off the train !

A viral video has hit the internet of a young female being picked up off the train by a grown man.

As what was seen in the video the man grabbed her out of her seat and carried her off the train. What makes it even worst is her father was right there the whole time. Now he has been identified and being dragged on Facebook.

Suspects who killed a doordash While robbing Dennys 1 arrested 2nd identified !

Earlier in the week TMZ released the video of two men who shot and killed a Doordash Driver while robbing the food chain store. Now the Cops have arrested one of the men and the 2nd man is being sought but identified.

According to fox 5, It happen at about 2:30am when the doordash delivery driver was coming to pick up an early order. Jason Anderson (22) & Ryan Thomas(22) walked into the Denny’s and tried to rob the place on Dec 26 a day after Christmas. Now Jason Anderson will be facing Murder. While second man is being sought and will likely receive same charges. It was also said that they were linked to a string of robberies & also killed another man. Check out the video below and Link above for more information.

Tec responds to Gunna & says who ever wears purses will get robbed !

Tec goes off on live after exposing gunna for being on crime stoppers. He said in the Live video that he will rob Gunna if he sees him . He also started his own challenge. If you see a rapper with a purse snatch it. Check it out
Gunna Responded days before !

Swae lees ex trys to put bounty on his head & bussed his windows

Swae lees ex says she has 20k on his head for some one to kill him. She also bussed out his windows of his Lambo. Seems to me he has a crazy ex girlfriend who wants him dead. They are saying things might have cleared up after they brought to social media to explain their differences.