Fivio foreign , Star Brim ,Sheff G & Sleepy hallow give out food to shelters!

Fivio foreign , Star Brim , Sheff G ,& Sleepy hallow linked up to give out food to shelters. They did a great deed by helping those in need. Check it out !

Skrap 1090 opens up about a movement he started called Justice is Blind!

Skrap1090 took to instagram to report a movement he started while incarcerated called Justice is Blind. It is focused on people who are incarcerated that dont have a voice or platform to speak their truth during trials.He also speaks on his behalf and explains their are many just like him. He states that prosecutors are seeking a maximum sentence of life for crimes he did not commit.

Trippie Redd wants to shoot the fade with LilGotit

Trippie Redd wants to shoot the fade with LilGotit. LilGotit posted a video of Trippie mad about him being under his baby mother’s post. It was said that LilGotit wrote “you fine”and now Trippie is Pissed. Trippie wants Gotit to run him his fade because that was suppose to be his brother he stated. Check it out.

6ix9ine mall case has been dismissed

According to TMZ , his mall case has been dismissed. An alleged assault case that took place in houston in 2018 for choking a kid after he was recorded against his wishes. The kids name was Santiago Albarran was choked by 6ix9ine and he showed up to one of his court hearings. Santiago told prosecutors that he wanted to drop all charges. They took a picture right after the hearing. Prosecutors bought it and his wishes were granted. Click link above for more info.

Picture by TMZ

6ix9ine’s girlfriend says 2019 been dead without him!

Tekashi’s girlfriend Jade says 2019 has been dead without him. Jade truly misses 6ix9ine after she made a post claiming that everyone brings his name up in a new album or song. She also sheds light on his platinum records, saying that numbers dont lie.