Capital One having technical issues

It looks like Capital One bank is having some techinical issues after people are unable to access their money. This issues took place on a friday which is payday for many. Capital One tweeted out about the issue and are working on restoring it shortly. Click link to read more.

Cuba Gooding Jr pleads not guilty to misconduct charges

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to misconduct charges that are continuing to grow.

Cuba Gooding has been facing charges of misconduct for groping a women in a manhattan night club. Now according to Daily News, his charges are actually spiking. Now he has been charged again for the 3rd time. People continue to come out stating that Gooding Jr. actually committed the crime. His lawyer argues that one of the cases should be thrown out due to misinterpretation on paper. Prosecutors says more than a dozen women has come forward to the accusations. For more info Click Link !