Kevin Hart Opens up with a heartfelt message after his tragic accident

Kevin Hart finally opens up with a heartfelt message. In the video he talks about his up most appreciation for life after his tragedy. Kevin Hart was involved in a serious car accident back in August. It was something that him, his friends and his family will never forget. He is thankful to be alive today after his car flipped off the road. Kevin came out with only a back injury. He shows his road to recovery with fitness and therapy. He is now back to share his message and the understanding of life.

Kodak Black involved in a jail fight that leaves a guard hospitalized

Kodak Black has been involved in a prison fight that has left a guard hospitalized.

What happen?

According to XXL , Kodak was involved in a prison fight and one guard had to go to the hospital. The fight was heard to happen on Tuesday night between to other inmates. The details are still emerging and did not hear the part Kodak black played as of yet . Kodak is facing two counts of false statement, due to lying on paper when trying to purchase a weapon. He is set to be sentenced on Nov 13, 2019.

John Witherspoon passes away at age 77

Friday comedian star John Wither spoon has passed away at age 77.

What happen ?

According to TMZ , John Wither spoon Has passed away. The famous ”Friday” and ”Friday after next” actor was known for his comedic roles. He also played the voice for grandpa in ”The Boondocks” as well as the father in ”The Wayan bros”& many much more. His family posted Tuesday morning that he had passed away in his Sherman Oak , California home.


John 77 was survived by his Wife Angela and his two children JD and Alexander. My deep condolences go to his family and friends at this tragic time.

Lil got it not feeling NLE Choppa after his slick comment

Looks like NLE choppa & Lil Gotit not on good terms. This all sparked from NLE Choppa posting a song. Fans said that it sounded similar to NBA Youngboy. He responded and also said that LilGotit sounds like Young Thug . Check it out !

NLE Choppa’s post
LilGot it Responds