Cardi B says a Photographer Sexually harassed her !

Cardi B opens up about a time that a photographer had sexually harassed her.


According to Daily news & We Tv , Cardi B went to a photoshoot and the photographer actually whipped out his penis. She did not reveal the name of the photographer but she said that he whipped out during the photoshoot. This was actually on an episode of “Untold stories of hiphop”. She opened up about the photographer trying to push up on her. She explained how the photographer was trying to bribe her. He asked her if she wanted to be in the magazine, and then made the move.

Video of Cardi speaking on situation!


I feel that people who do these type of things are sick and they just try to take advantage. He basically tried to black mail her just to be in a magazine. How do you feel about this situation ?

Blac Youngsta Arrested for Weapons !

According to TMZ Blac Youngsta was arrested for weapons and is now facing felony charges.

How was he arrested ?

Well it was said that he was pulled over in Houston for a traffic stop while a passenger and they found ammo in the car. They were driving in a GMC Yukon with 3 people inside the vehicle. They then ran a red light and cops pulled them over. When cops got to the car they smelled marijuana so they searched the car only to find 3 guns and weed.

Youngsta was charged with felony possession and armor piercing ammunition. Marcus Dion Cartwright another passenger was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon. The other two men were not charged. Youngsta is locked up in the harris county jail.


Hopefully Youngsta post bail and doesn’t get time for this situation. Do you think it might be over for Blacc youngsta ?

Baton rouge police arrested multiple people for 15 guns during video shoot !

According to WBRZ news , Police got a tip that there were people waving guns in the air and showed up to find 15 guns and arrested 12 people.

What took place during video shoot?

On Monday someone had called the police and said that people were outside waving guns. When police got there the men started dispersing and they were able to capture 12 people.The cops were called to pampas street a little after 5pm. 3 of the guns were actually stolen and they also found some drugs. What was known was that they were using the real guns as prop guns in their music video. 8 men were arrested ,2 of them went to juvenile detention center, & 2 was released on scene.


In my opinion they should have actually been using props instead of real guns if they were actually out in the open with them.Especially it being so many guns in one place . Do you think that was a smart decision?

6ix9ine denies witness protection program upon release

According to xxl , 6ix9ine denied using the witness protection program when he gets out of jail.

Why he denied program?

Well it was said that he wanted to continue his life of fame upon arrival. A tip came in to TMZ that he had planned to do this. 6ix9ine also feels he can have the same fame and love prior to snitching. He wants to continue his music career. 6ix9ine said he will not change his name or appearance and he will have 24-hour protection because his family fears for their lives.

Tekashi made this decision right before cooperating on the nine trey members Anthony Ellison also known as “Harv” & Aljermiah Mack also known as “Nuke” will end (today). It is also known that he will be released in the beginning months of 2020.


Well it seems tekashi will not have a change of heart after cooperating with the feds. Do you think 6ix9ine rap career will continue after the mayhem? Do you think he will be safe after denying witness protection program ?

NYPD sergeant was a drug courier for Nine Treys & was testified against !

A NYPD Sergeant was a heroin courier for the Nine treys and a Nine trey member testified against him.

Who was the NYPD sergeant & Informant ?

Kristan Cruz Nine trey member/Informant

According to Daily News, Picture above is Kristian Cruz (24) was a member of the Nine treys , one of the top leaders and he cooperated with the government saying that he had a sergeant transporting drugs. He said that he thought she wouldn’t bring so much attention and can do it discreetly. The sergeant was actually his girlfriend working with the NYPD. The sergeants name was Arlicia Robinson. Cruz was an informant against Nuke Mack One of the two who Kidnapped Tekashi.

Arlicia Robinson was apart of the indictment that swept up the Nine treys. She was assigned to the housing bureau which covered 22 districts in Brooklyn. She is now out on 100,000 bond and resigned from the NYPD. She was charged with heroin possession and distribution. The nine trey member cruz also explained many other situations involving the gang . From beef Shootings and also how much drugs he had sold on the streets. Ranging between 150,000-300,000$ in ecstasy pills and 2million- 3million off heroin. His nick name was Young Brooklyn, Dope Boy & CEO.


Cruz was the third person to take the stand. Along with 6ix9ine and his driver Jorge Rivera. What do you think of this situation?

A second man has been charged in Mac millers death

According to daily news a second man charged in Mac Millers death. Mac miller passed away last year from a fentanyl overdose which they charged a drug dealer with giving him the drug. Now there has been a second man facing charges for a connection with the death.

Ryan reavis 36

Who was charged ?

A guy named Ryan Reavis age 36, was investigated from a tip that he was involved in the passing of Mac Miller. On Monday after 9 am in Lake Havasu Arizona he was arrested. FBI had a search warrant for his home the day he was arrested. He was charged with marijuana , prescription drugs , and drug paraphernalia. Along with weapon misconduct and prohibited processor and fraud. Few weeks back they nabbed a man that sold miller counterfeit oxycodone pills that were laced with fentanyl.

His name was Cameron James petit age 28. He sold miller the pills that were designed to look like oxy but they were really fentanyl three days before on sept 4. Miller died on sept 7 after snorting the pills. In an affidavit it was said that he was suppose to serve Miller Xanax, cocaine, and oxy. He faces up to 20 years in prison as for Ryan Reavis he is held on 50,000 bail. They haven been charged as of yet.

Da baby says he would have worked wit 6ix9ine prior of snitching

Da baby claims if 6ix9ine was not to snitch he would have never mind working with him .

Why da baby would have worked with 6ix9ine

Da baby felt that they could have definitely made a lot of money together. He also goes on to explain that if 6ix9ine would have wanted him on a song incriminating himself with gang relation he would have turned it down. Its a pretty good reason why da baby would have said that because prior to the situation tekashi had a big buzz. Da baby also says that if tekashi was to get out soon he would not do a song with him . Check it out .

Da baby speaking on collab with 6ix9ine


Would you want to see a da baby and 6ix9ine collab ? Do you think they could have made a dope song together ? Let me know your thoughts.

Wire tap Audio of shotti released

As we know the information about this case has been overflowing. Now we have a wire tap of Shotti speaking on Tekashi

What was said ?

Well it seems like Shotti was speaking about 6ix9ine’s breakfast club interview and how it was disrespectful to the organization. As well as saying he was a mut and they put a muzzle on him. There were many things being said listen for your self .

Snippet of audio
Full audio


How do you feel about this situation ? Do you think Shotti is wrong for saying what he said about him ? Let me know your thoughts .

Update: More videos/Photos + Man who saved young child honored a hero

There has been more updates adding to the story of young child being dragged in on her fathers suicidal rage. A picture of her father the man who actually committed this suicide. as well has the hero who jump in to save her.

Picture of her father

Fernando balbuena and his daughter

This is the child’s father whose name was Fernando Balbuena he was 45 years of age.

Man who saved her

Man who saved child

He was honored for his bravery of going into the tracks and lifting the child to her safety. Her mother was also filled with tears that she escaped alive after the terrible incident. Here is a picture of them together

Some more footage !

The Simpson’s & Rick & Morty’s producer has passed away

According to daily news Emmy winning producer of the Simpson’s & Rick and Morty’s cartoons passed away at 54. J. Micheal Mendel was announced decease on adult swim.

How did he pass?

Well it is unknown at this point on how this tragedy occurred. He was outstanding for his animated series which he spent years working on. This is what adult swim had to say .

A twitter post made by adult swim.


Mike Mendel left behind his wife Juel Bestrop. Condolences to his family he left behind a legacy . He was a four time winning Emmy nominee.