Update: Slain bronx cop lost life due to another cop

What is now known the gunman did not pull the trigger the cops behind actually shot Brian Maulkeen.

What happen?

According to Daily news, As we know the Gunman now known as Antonio Lawrence Williams was tussling with Brian Maulkeen was not the alleged shooter. Brian was struggling on the ground with antonio when he saw him reaching for the gun. Brian then let off 5 shots which was a prompt for the cops behind him to open fire. Two Bullets actually hit Brian from the shots fired by the cops.

Brian Maulkeen
Antonio Williams

Actor Stacey Dash Arrested on Domestic violence charge !

Actor stacey dash was arrested on domestic violence charges and she is claiming self defense !

How was she Arrested?

According to TMZ , it is known that she was arrested in Florida on 500$ bail. She actually was in an altercation with her husband and she claims that her husband had attacked her first trying to choke her. She claims she defended her self and which it resulted in her husband having scratches on his arm , and she was arrested.

Stacey called the cops but her husband had the marks which is why she was arrested. Her husband is Jeffrey Marty , Stacy called the cops about 7:45pm. What is known is that he is actually a lawyer and this is stacey fourth time being married. She was held for a 24 hour cool off period. There is a body camera video that was released to TMZ. ( click here)

Mug shot of stacey Dash by TMZ
Her Husband Jeffrey Marty By TMZ


What do you think of this Situation? Do you feel she was Acting in self defense?

Lil Bibby explains transitioning from an Artist to a Record label executive

Lil Bibby speaks on having a Label company and understanding the game. He transitioned from a Rap artist to now owning his own label which has been a success.

What is his label

In an interview with xxl , he actually answers a couple of questions and he explains his motive behind how far he has came in the rap game.

Bibby actually is a record label executive now . In the interview he explains how he took time off of rap to understand the game. Instead of just being a rapper he actually sat back and learned alot which he has been in the game for atleast 7years.

Bibby talks about loving to see the change of people going from poor to rich and how he wanted to really understand financial literacy. Bibby hasnt done interviews in 4 years. He now has  a company named Grade A Productions which he has artist under his belt. One of his artist is Juice world which has been a huge success for him and his team. He also has more artist underway check out the interview. 

Interview with XXL

Da Baby’s security Knocks out female Fan at his concert !

Da baby had a show in New Orleans at the Free water block party. He was performing and went into the crowd to show some love. Thats when fans started to crowd over Da baby. A woman then got pretty close and came extremely aggressive on to da baby. Thats when his security guard took extensive measures. Da Baby pushed her away but she kept on lodging forward so his security threw punch which knocked her to the ground. Watch below !

Video By TMZ


Do you think that was a little too extreme or do you feel that it was a necessary action ?

Bronx cop shot dead

A bronx cop was shot dead after a tussle with a man.

What happen ?

Well according to Daily news , 33year old cop Brian Maulkeen and his partner apprehended a 27year old man. At the Edenwald houses on 229th drive north near Laconia ave. The incident took place this morning around 12:30am , the 47th precinct where he actually works is right across the street.

They were patrolling the area when they seen the 27 year old run off so they chased after him. They then caught up to him and thats when things turnt for the worst. When they were struggling with the man on the floor. They have a body camera recording with Brian yelling “he’s reaching for it ——-He’s reaching for it”. He was shot 3 times & 5 other cops shot the 27year old man killing him.

Twitter post from 47th precinct

Maulkeen later died at Jacobi medical center. They recovered the 27 year olds man 32. Caliber revolver at the scene. Brian Maulkeen had almost reached 7 years on the force. He also had a girlfriend who worked at the 44th precinct.


Brooklyn employees tied up and robbed in T-mobile store ❗️

Brooklyn employees were tied up and robbed at gun point in a T-mobile store.

What happen ?

According to New York post , employees at T-mobile in Brooklyn East Flatbush to be exact were held up and robbed. They said they ran into the store and tied them up and stole phones and money. It was around 1:30pm when the incident took place.

No one was hurt but they did make off with a register , employees wallets and a bunch of new phones.

The employees that were tied up and robbed of their wallets and phones.
The tmobile store !

Snoop doggs 10 day old grandson has passed !

Snoop Doggs 10 day old grandson passed away . Snoop Doggs son shared the news with instagram.

How ?

Well Corde Broadus Snoop Doggs son shared with instagram of the passing . “Kai Love 9/15/19-9/25/19” he also wrote ” My son kai brought so much love and positivity into this world. His energy will live on and these 10 days of love will always be special to us. Lets cherish life and those we love while we are here. Thank you”

The family has yet to release the cause. Corde broadus’s mother had also posted a tribute to Baby kai on her instagram !


Let’s send our condolences to their family at this heartfelt moment in time. Show our support and gratitude and let them know they are not alone .

Rumor has it that Nba Youngboy is single after Kay Marie writes Chief keef

It was heard that Kay Marie , Nba Youngboys new girlfriend wrote under Chief Keef’s post, and Young boy say’s he is single.


Well from what was said is that Kay Marie Young boys New Girl had wrote under Chief Keef’s Picture Calling him “Potato head”. It definitely sounded kind of flirtatious but it could have been all jokes. Three one of Young boys close friends also says that he was crying. She also shows evidence that Kay Marie saying it was a “joke”. Check out the video below .

Video Explaining situation

In the video she explains and shows proof of post of young boy and Kay Marie responding to the allegations.


What do you think about this ? Was it a Joke ? Or do you feel she was actually flirting?

Actor Robert Garrison from “karate kid” has passed away at 59

Robert Garrison from popular movie “Karate Kid” has passed away at 59.

How ?

According to TMZ , Actor Robert garrison passed away in West Virginia Hospital. It was said it was from Organ Failure. His sister in law had said that he was in the hospital for over a month for kidney and liver issues . It was said he will be cremated.

Rob played the role in the 1984 film “Karate Kid” starring Ralph Macchio. He played as Tommy in the first one and part 2. His famous line was “Get him a body bag , Yeah!”

Robert Garrison in karate kid

Robert Garrison left behind his Brother , Patrick and his Wife Linda.


Robert Garrison will be truly missed and his infamous role impacted many. Did you

Brittney Taylor Claims Remy Didn’t touch Her it was Papoose !

According to Daily News, it looks like this case isn’t over Brittney Taylor claims Remy didn’t assault her and papoose actually did.

Why she claims this allegation ?

Well a while back Brittney Taylor had Remy ma in court claiming that she had assaulted her and gave her a black eye. Now she comes with a different verdict saying that it wasn’t her that did it , it was actually Remy’s husband. It was said that Brittney made an instagram post going off on papoose for hitting her and putting the blame on Remy. This happen back in April Brittney said she was punched at Irving plaza benefit concert.

Brittney Wrote ” Papoose is a B—h for (touching) me and he is a B—h for making his wife take the (rap) for it?” “N—a really knocked me out bro ! s–t making me sick to my soul ”

Remy ma gave up screenshots during court from Brittneys instagram and they said the post shows her dishonesty and should not go on with the case.

Video of Brittney taylor showing her eye !
Brittney Taylor with her Lawyer !


The case will continue on October 8. Do you feel that Brittney Taylor is telling the truth about these allegations?