Man kills girlfriend and post on social media !

According to ABC 11, a 18 year old named Nasir Scott took his Girlfriend Tatianna Haywoods life.

The incident took place in Fayetteville North Carolina. It happened around 8:15 am on Carlos avenue. Police are still investigating what may have led to the murder.

Nasir Scott was pronounced dead at a local hospital from a self inflicted gunshot wound. The incident was posted on Instagram 11 hours ago. Click Here for Video.

Young women goes on trip with friends and is killed !

A young women went on a trip with a group of friends and was killed. A story came out speaking with the mother of the victim. The first initial story was her passing from alcohol poisoning. Soon to find out that was not the case. The autopsy reveals she died from a broken neck and spine.

According to North Carolina beat, Shanquella Robinson from Charlotte NC was found unresponsive after medics were called to her Cabo Villa. The group of 6 went to a trip in Mexico on Friday October 28,2022. The next day a call came in to the family of the victim from her best friend Khalil Cooke claiming she was not feeling well. Khalil called again and said that the victim was being escorted with medics. He told her mother she had a hangover from a night of drinking. The medics tried to resuscitate her but she could not be saved.

The 6 friends left Mexico a day early after this tragic event. As more of the story unfolds. Shanquella had a broken neck and spine , a knot on her forehead, and a split lip. A video has been published to the internet showing what really happen before her passing. The cause of her death was due to her being beaten. The video showed that she was fighting another girl named Daejhanae Imani Jackson. You can see her being thrown and punched while she was naked as her “friends” recorded. The 4 other friends that were on the trip were Malik St. Patrick Dyer , Wenter Donovan , Alysse Michelle Hyatt , Nazeer Tyree Vincente Wiggins. The mother of the victim spoke to Queens City News about what took place the night she found out her daughter was dead.To read more click here or watch videos below.

Harlem Rapper E dot Baby Passes away !

According to multiple sources harlem native Rapper E dot Baby passes away. it is not confirmed how but a family member claims he committed suicide. She wrote “This is his niece and yes he died he shot himself in the head” , this has not been yet confirmed. Condolences to his friends and family at this tragic time. Here are some friends who posted about him after hearing the news.

Niece saying he has passed

Brooklyn Rapper arrested for murder!

A man was arrested for murder after being accused of shooting and killing an NYC school employee. According to ABC7, A 19-year-old suspect was shot in the head in front of a deli in the Flatland Section in Brooklyn on Tuesday. The incident happened at around 2:50 pm Ethan Holder was pronounced dead at Brooklyn Hospital. Police say there were a total of 4 shots fired and 1 struck Holder in the head. Javier Oats (19) aka Suavve porter was arrested and charged with murder & criminal possession of a weapon.

Video of a man shot at the deli (Here) Graphic

Man Paralyzed in Police custody !

A man was left paralyzed in police custody. Randy Cox was left paralyzed from chest down after Connecticut Police department did not strap him in a seatbelt. In the vide you can see the officer come to an abrupt stop and Randy Cox sliding and hitting his head. when they finally got to the station they can be seen dragging the man out of the van and placing him in a wheel chair. now the 5 officers have been placed oo leavewhile the case is on going . Check out the news report below. to see the full video use link here.

Man killed while being robbed

An LA Rapper was killed after 4 men tried to rob him for his chain. The incident happened in the Bronx at a local pharmacy. He was robbed for his chain & cash. Check out video below & click link to read more.

Women Faked a DNA test on Lil Boosies son!

A woman was exposed after faking a DNA Test on Lil boosies son. Lil Boosie claims it was prolonged the whole year acting like another woman’s baby was his son’s. Lil Boosies son Tootie had graduated and she allegedly took the baby to his graduation. The woman was exposed by the real mother of the child in a Facebook Post.

Rpt “YG” indicted

According to Multiple sources, River Park towers (RPT) YG was indicted for numerous charges including animal cruelty. 23 members were brought into custody on charges ranging from murder to animal cruelty. The animal cruelty charge stems from a live stream of one of the members killing a pigeon.

The ages are from 17 to 34 with a 65 count indictment which includes conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, attempted assault, criminal possessions of a weapon, and more. You can read the indictment list below with charges and more. Here are the names of the people that were brought into custody.

Indictment documents (Click Here)

5 Brooklyn gang members indicted !

5 Brooklyn Gang members were indicted from “BamaLife”. According to Daily News, They were charged with multiple counts including plotting to kill drill rapper Envy Caine.

It was said that they plotted for as long as 6 years trying to carry out the hit. Going back and fourth in songs making threats to kill Envy Caine. They claim the beef started in November 2016. Envy Caines girlfriend was shot by a member of Bamalife. A member of the crew was then shot shortly after that incident and claimed that Envy was responsible. Soon after, they spotted Envy Caine but missed their target. Nuival “Envy Caine” Vasquez is in custody under federal charges for having a Shotgun as a felon in Georgia. He has not yet been sentenced.

Bama Life Indictment (click here)